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About The MG Acting Studio


The MG Studio is here to help you discover your method. There is no ONE WAY for an actor to work well. Good work requires you to master certain skills: the ability to analyze a script from an actor’s standpoint; a proficiency at asking the questions that will take you from idea to action; the ability to use your body, voice, emotions and intellect to express yourself fully and honestly.

The goal of the studio is to take you out of your head and put you in your body – to produce an actor that is grounded, open and expressive.

We integrate the work with scripted material: monologues, auditions and scenes that address specific issues you are facing in your work. Everyone at the studio receives personal and supportive critiques of their work in a collaborative environment.

The most important skill that we work on at the studio is learning how to communicate you the human as opposed to you the actor.

Screenplays, plays, TV scripts are essentially notes on a page – sheet music. You, the actor, are the instrument (in fact player and instrument) that needs to be played well, for the notes to become music.
The work here is learning to play your instrument with suppleness, grace and artistry.

An actor’s work takes courage to go to those places where you are uncomfortable, where you want to turn in and close off. But this is precisely when you need to take action to reconnect your brain with your feelings, so that you can be free and eloquent with your emotions.

Marc had a process and it served him over and over. Even better, it served our other actors as well. He was able to lead and inspire by his performance, by his knowledge and by who he is as a person.
~Bryce Zabel
Writer, Producer and Director
TDark Skies, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven


Scene work is an excellent path for the actor to explore the fundamentals of behavior, activities, actions, obstacles, etc. Working with scenes reinforces your ability to remain grounded and open as you play. Our scene study classes focus on giving you a working knowledge of how to use fundamental techniques to connect and communicate with your material, fellow actors and with the audience. This work gives you a platform to be truly expressive and allows you to show up. Supportive and thorough critiques are given in a collaborative environment about each actor’s work.
It takes courage to continually go to those places where uncomfortable things may come up, when you want to turn inward and close off… but that is precisely the time to talk, to act, and to communicate. It is at that point that you’re going to restore the relationship between your brain and your feelings so that you can be eloquent with your emotions. And isn’t that the ultimate goal when we act?

  • Intro Scene Study

    We introduce the warm up and begin using it as a starting place for each day’s work. In this class for actors that are new to the work, you learn how to break down...

  • Scene Study

    In this class the warm up is now honed for your individual needs. An emphasis is placed on using the fundamental techniques to your best advantage and helping you to...

  • Advanced Scene Work

    This class is for working actors and those who have demonstrated they are able to integrate all aspects of the actor’s work: vulnerability, expressiveness and...

  • The Art of the Audition

    Are your auditions hit or miss? There is no one thing that can guarantee us the job but we can aim for affecting a change in the room. And not with tricks but with a...

  • Acting for producers and executives

    Understanding the kind of script and type of characters A-list actors are looking for, is essential for your project’s success. Know what’s really important to the...

  • Shakespeare Workshop

    This class will be available as a special workshop several times throughout the year. The challenges that are raised by Shakespeare’s texts are unique, particularly to...

International Actors Welcome


At the MG Studio we understand the unique challenges facing international actors who want access to the US market. Born in South America, Marc trained and worked in Canada before moving to the United States 20 years ago to continue his career as an actor, he has a particular sensitivity in this area. All of these classes are tailored to the individual’s needs with supportive critiques.

All great actors possess the ability to access and express that part of themselves that the rest of us are doing our best to cover up and hide. And that’s where this work begins.
~Marc Gomes

International Skype lessons for every student, no matter your location.

Lessons are created by Marc with the emphasis on personal instruction. Get started now by taking part in one of our featured lessons.

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Meet Marc

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    Marc Gomes

Marc Gomes is an actor, writer and teacher in television, on stage and beyond.

His work in the theater led to numerous leading roles in television and film. He starred in several television series including The Crow: Stairway to Heaven; Sue Thomas: FBeye; Lightning Force produced by Bob Rheme and Mace Neufeld; and ABC’s Commander in Chief. Recently he has been seen on Showtime’s Dexter, Criminal Minds on CBS, Detention for Lifetime and Medium on NBC.( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0326928/)

In 2010, Marc joined the faculty at the American Musical & Dramatic Academy (AMDA), Los Angeles campus as an Acting instructor. He has taught Acting and is a visiting lecturer at Texas College.

Marc and I have worked together on several shows as an actor and a director, and he always inspires me with his
unique ability to be diligent about the craft, but with a sense of humor and playfulness that makes the work that much more enjoyable.
~Roma Maffia
The Call, FX’s “Nip/Tuck”, Grey’s Anatomy

The MG Acting Studio was created in 2007. The studio is a home for established and new actors to develop and hone their talent. The studio gives its members the ability to access their skills in a more powerful and direct way that leads to achieving better auditions and performances.

In 2009 Marc was awarded a UNIDO Cinematic & Entrepreneurial Motivation Award (CEMA) by UNIDO-CARIBBEAN for his screenplay adaptation of the classic Caribbean novel “Corentyne Thunder” by Edgar Mittelholzer.. The CEMA was presented to a select group of film makers whose work was representative of an emerging voice in Caribbean cinema.

Marc’s technique of helping the actor connect to his or her voice allows them to free their instrument and find the truth in the writers’ words. The more one is able to bring of themselves to the work, the more specific they are, the more universal their words. Indeed, he is the one I go to when I need guidance with an audition or a character.
~Taylor Nichols
Barcelona, Metropolitan, HBO’s Mind of the Married Man

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